由於近日 RIMOWA 臺灣維修中心收到許多仿冒的維修個案,此類仿冒品以極為相似的外型與材質蒙蔽消費者視聽,消費者往往在使用後,才因發現惡劣品質而送修,經 RIMOWA 臺灣維修中心專業工匠檢視,確認均為仿冒品。
請特別注意,RIMOWA 官方授權經銷商品目前僅在RIMOWA台灣專賣店與長榮航空樂e購販售,我們無法確保您在其他銷售渠道購買的產品是否為RIMOWA正品;此外,RIMOWA 亦無與臺灣第三方電子商務,電視購物或其他非官方授權經銷渠道合作。
請您特別注意,所有仿冒RIMOWA商品,均無五年全球保固保障;RIMOWA TAIWAN 亦無法協助維修,謝謝你的體諒與理解。

Dear customers,
This is a reminder for your consumer rights.
Our customer care center been receiving many counterfeit RIMOWA cases. Many products are made in very similar details and customers can't verify by exterior, till sent and checked by our professional repair masters.
Official RIMOWA can only be purchased in RIMOWA stores, Eva Airline in Taiwan & foreign official RIMOWA site. We can't confirm nor guarantee products you purchase other then above mentioned channels. RIMOWA headquarter and globally DON'T allow any co-op with 3rd party e-commerce or TV shopping nor any un-authorized channel.
Please note we won't guarantee your 5 years warranty nor repair if it's a counterfeit RIMOWA case. Thank you for your understanding.